7 Signs the one you’re dating is not the one you’ll end up with

Are you in a relationship and wondering if the man you are currently dating is the man you will eventually marry? For some people it seems very simple but it is not always so. As a matter of fact, love is not the only determinant factor to tell if the man you are dating will walk down the aisle with you. A man might love you and you might even love him too but end up marrying someone else. So how can you tell if the one you are dating is or is not your life partner? Here are 7 simple tips.
He does not talk about the future of your relationship: If your man is always telling you that you need to live in the moment and enjoy the now whenever you bring up topics that concern your future then you should know that he probably has no intentions of marrying you. A man that wants to walk down the aisle with you will not hesitate when the issue comes up.

• He is not comfortable about meeting your family: When a man is quick to come up with a million reasons why he will be unavailable to meet your parents whenever you invite him or even to let you meet his own family then that’s a major pointer that he’s not ready to get married to you. He’s just with you for the fun of it.

• He’s always reluctant to let you meet his friends: Men are natural show-offs and any man that is in love with you will always want to show you off to his friends no matter how beautiful or ‘un-beautiful’ you are. Therefore, if your man is always looking for reasons not to go with you to a place where his friends are then know that he has no intentions of marrying you… maybe you’re just his side-chick *oops**

• He makes plans alone: One of the most natural things that arises in serious relationships is planning together. This ranges from finances to travels to budgets and even what the family will look like once you tie the knot. If the gists between you and your boo are devoid of talks like this then you should know that he most likely has no intentions of marrying you.

• He is still in the dating pool: Look him up on instagram, facebook, twitter or whatsapp and you’ll always find his sexy picture staring you in the face with personal messages like “too hot to handle” and “swaggalicious dude”… lol… and even more annoyingly, there’s always a pic of one new cute girl on his dp who he’ll claim is just a friend each time you ask. You should know that he’s still in the dating pool and is definitely not planning to get married. If he intends to marry you then your pic should have a permanent place or at least a regular place on his dp.

• He is not ready to shoulder responsibilities: One major pointer of a man who is ready to get married is his willingness and ability to shoulder responsibilities. Afterall that’s what he’s going to be doing for the rest of his life while he’s married to you. A man who is not ready to shoulder your responsibilities is not ready to marry you. PS: Ladies abeg this is not to say that you should turn him into your ATM.

• You have no peace when you pray about the relationship: The question on every girl’s lips is “how do I know I have peace when praying about a potential marriage partner?” Well, if you really want to know then you can inbox me and get an exclusive answer tailored to your particular circumstance.”

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