Ahead of the Royal Wedding here are 7 surprising things you never knew about Meghan Markle

Preparations for the Royal Wedding are in Top Gear!  Saturday will give the world enough juice to last a lifetime as we look forward to seeing the fantastic wedding of Prince Harry to former SUITS actress,  Meghan Markle.  Here are 7 surprising things you never knew about her.

1. Meghan is not her first name.  Her first name is same as the name she bore on the TV program,  SUITS – Rachael. Her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle.

2. She is bi-racial. Her mother is an African American while her father is Dutch-Irish.

3. She has a degree in Communications from Northwestern University.

4. She used to run a lifestyle blog called the Tig. She has however shut it down in view of her new role and title.


5. This won’t be her first marriage. She was married before to a producer and the marriage barely lasted 2 years. We sure hope this will last longer.

6. She once worked as a briefcase model on “Deal or no Deal” UK.

7. She’s related to Shakespeare.  While tracing her family line it was discovered that she is related to Shakespeare on her father’s side.

Who knew. …

Did you also know that she won’t be called Princess Meghan but will be referred to as Duchess of Sussex.  This is because only those born into the royal family can be called. Prince or Princess.

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