Ask Femmetotale – A Married Man Wants To Take Me on a Trip To London

Dear Femmetotale,

A married man asked me out but I refused since that time we became platonic friends. He buys me gifts and gives me lifts sometimes but he has never asked me out again. He just called me yesterday to say that he is going to London next week and he wants me to go with him. He said he just wants my companionship on the trip and that we will stay in different rooms at the hotel. I am a born again Christian and I don’t believe in dating a married man. I have never been to London before. In short, I have never traveled abroad before and I am really tempted to agree. What should I do?



Dear Sharon,

I can understand your dilemma and why you are considering going on this trip. However, you should know that the man has no platonic intentions for you on his mind. Which married man wants to plan a trip to London, spend such a whooping sum of money on flight tickets and hotel bills in this economy just to have a platonic relationship with you? While you are there feeling on top of the world, he is busy hatching a plan on how to get into bed with you once you get there. Moreover, it will be much harder for you to keep your convictions when you are in a different environment where nobody knows you. Also, think about the fact that somebody is bound to get hurt in this whole thing. It is either you who he may dump after he gets what he wants or the wife and kids that may eventually get to hear about it, not to talk of karma that will surely follow you when you get married too. So no matter how tempting his offer is kindly say no. You will still get many opportunities to travel abroad in your lifetime.




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