Ask Femmetotale – I Have Given Up on Ever Getting Married

When I was much younger I told God I wanted to get married before 25. Now I am almost 29 and God has still not answered my prayers. To make matters worse my sister who is 4 years younger than me is getting married soon. I have given up and I have made up my mind that I will never ask God for a husband again since he is not hearing me.


Hello Bola, I am tempted to laugh but I know how serious it is for you to talk about it like this. Please you don’t need to be angry with God. You can’t give God a specific time to answer your prayers. You see, God is not moved by our timing and like they say, God’s time is the best. Your duty is to pray, keep yourself in the right position to receive answers to your prayer and wait. While waiting, please rejoice with your sister so that your own blessings will come. Remember that God makes everything beautiful in his own time. Your own time is definitely not the same as your sister’s time. Besides you’re still young. Spend this time reading up relevant materials about marriage, praying for your future spouse and generally preparing yourself to be a wife. Don’t let bitterness put a stop to God’s blessings in your life by envying your sister. Who knows your man might be just around the corner.


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