Is Your Best Friend Your Worst Enemy

If you’re a young woman in the 21st century then you must be familiar with most of the cool buzzwords. You all probably know about words like; selfie, famzing, photobombing, trolling, frienemy, etc. They change so fast that it takes quite an effort to keep up with the latest buzzwords. Did I just hear you wondering what some of them mean? Lol… please update yourself but wait till you finish reading this post first.

So I know a lot of buzzwords but the one that always cracks me up when I hear it is Frienemy. Who ever thought of joining two grossly opposite words like friend and enemy in one word? They say women are their own worst enemies and it is true. You will find two girls that are closer than two peas in a pod and then a man comes into the question and they become frenemies. Frenemies because they both pretend to still be friends but one seethes at the thought of the other taking over her man. You can also find two ladies in the same office hating each other but pretending to be friends. One sees the other as a rival for all the male attention she could be getting and will do everything to get rid of her. You hardly see this kind of attitude among men, why is that so?

Let me tell you about the crab mentality, let me take your mind back to the last social gathering you had that consisted mainly of females. It may have been an all girls party or a group meet consisting of only females or a bridal shower. If the group consisted of more than two girls then I’m pretty sure you saw a bit of the crab mentality at play there. Imagine if we lived in a world made up of females only. I really wonder what that world would be like. Still trying to figure out what I mean? Okay, let me explain what crab mentality means to you.

Whenever several crabs are put into a bucket, if any of them tries to crawl out the others will pull it back down and prevent its escape. This is known as the crab mentality. The natural rivalry that exists between females makes it easy for them to have the crab mentality.

The crabs are everywhere. Check your friends for the crab mentality. A typical friend with the crab mentality will always give you reasons to doubt and mistrust your spouse or partner. She will encourage your insecurities and support your foolish suspicions. She will give you the most rational reasons why you shouldn’t trust any man. She is the first to appear with a box of tissues to console you when you finally find evidence of your man cheating. Which of your friends is always trying to discredit your ideas or actions? She may just be exhibiting the crab mentality. What about yourself? Are you always envious of your friends and thereby subtly try to insert words born out of malice to spoil their relationships?

Check your offices and you will see them too. They have the perfect reasons why your ideas won’t work out. They will fuel your mediocrity and discourage any actions you wish to take to better yourself. They don’t want you moving up the corporate ladder faster than them. They are the crabs.

Guess what? You can get rid of the crabs in your life. The first step is to identify the friends you have that exhibit the crab mentality. Once you notice all these character traits, wisely begin to distance yourself from them. Speak positive words to yourself when they try to inject their negative words. Fill your mind with positive wisdom and of course try to associate more with people that have heavenly wisdom. They may hold on tightly to your feet while you attempt to make progress. Don’t worry, with consistent efforts eventually you will shake them off.

Kick the crabs away and be true to yourself.



Disclaimer: Pictures used in the articles are in no way intended to represent the reality of the author’s works.

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