Break-Up Without Breaking Down – How To Recover From A Nasty Break-Up

Breakups are never easy especially for the one who had high expectations for the relationship. One person always hurts more when a relationship comes to an end and most often it is the one whose love index is higher. They say time heals all wounds but some people just never recover from a breakup. They either become depressed, become shadows of themselves, adopt mean philosophies or even become suicidal. We’ve heard tales of people overdosing on drugs as a means to end their lives after a nasty breakup. So how do you survive a breakup without breaking down.

Here’s a few quirky tips!

Adopt a positive attitude

On to the next one! A friend of mine would always say there’s no time to start analyzing what went wrong or what she could have done differently. Her mantra was always “on to the next one”. If it was supposed to have worked it would have but if it didn’t then just push it to the back of your mind and move on.

Reinvent yourself

This is the time for you to reinvent yourself. You don’t want to run into Mr. Ex looking like your whole world came crashing down after he left you. No sweetie, you’d want him to see you looking like a million dollars and walking like you’ve got gold bars in your car trunk. Now might be the best time to take that make up class or beauty therapy session. Go shopping and get yourself trendy outfits. Mission…#pepper them#

Take a trip

Sometimes the best way to clear your mind is to take a trip or vacation with friends or loved ones. You can take a trip out of the country if you can afford it or any other nice place in the country. A change of scenery may do you a world of good.

You are not to blame

Stop playing the victim card. Stop over thinking it. You are not to blame. You didn’t end it he did and he could have fought to make it work but he didn’t. So if it didn’t work just move on and stop wondering if it was your fault.

Get Busy!

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. One sure fire way to get a breakup out of your mind is to get busy. If you didn’t have a job before then please start a business or find a company to intern/volunteer for. It will give you the desired experience and also take your mind away from your emotional issues.

The rebound guy is not an option

Getting a rebound guy (alias a part time bf or someone to jump over to in order to get over Mr. Ex) should not be an option for you. Right now you are not thinking straight and you’re not in the right frame of mind to start another relationship. You’re just going to make a mistake and end up more hurt.

Please don’t stalk

I know you are always tempted to check him out on facebook or instagram to see which girl has taken your place but how is that really going to give you peace of mind? It doesn’t matter that you’re prettier or more endowed than the new girl. You’re still going to get hurt by knowing that someone has taken your place.

Find a good support group

Don’t do it alone. Find friends with your interest at heart or even your mother to talk to. Let them comfort and encourage you. Cry if you wish but move on!

No playing of blues or bingeing

You don’t want to lose Mr. Ex and also get fat in the process, do you. Some people eat and drink more when they are emotionally distressed. Keep foods you are likely to binge on away from you but you are allowed an occasional ice cream or chocolate to make you feel good when you are down. **winks*


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