Dear Femmetotale, I Just Found Out That My Wife Has Been Cheating Me

My wife and I have been married for about 7 years now. I practically sent her to school because she entered the University after we got married. We have two children boy and girl and she’s a good wife. The problem is that she refuses to have more children though she knows I want at least 2 more. Initially I thought that she was unable to take in again until I discovered a medicine in her drawer. In fact I first saw that medicine two years ago and when I asked her she said it was to boost fertility. I saw that medicine again two weeks ago and became suspicious. If really it was to boost fertility then why was she finding it difficult to take in again? So I showed it to a doctor who confirmed that it is a contraceptive. I have been very angry with her and I have stopped talking to her or eating her food. I haven’t confronted her about it yet and I am still looking for the best way to confront the issue. A friend of mine is suggesting that I should just buy fertility drugs and switch with the contraceptive so that she will suddenly find herself pregnant. What should I do?



Hello Emeka, I understand the way you must be feeling right now but I must ask you to remain calm and take certain things into consideration first before you react. It is obvious that there was a breakdown of communication between you and your wife and you two failed to reach a compromise about the number of children you wanted before embarking on that journey. This made her to take such decisions without your knowledge. However, now that you know, switching her medications to fertility drugs will not solve the problem that is looming in your marriage. So what if she takes in, delivers the child and you tell her what you did and she ends up despising you for the rest of your life. Both of you must learn to communicate your feelings, let some things out in the open and reach a compromise or it could degenerate into something much worse. Please have a deep talk with your wife, keep your anger in check and let God guide you both in your marriage



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