Dear Single Lady Make Yourself Irresistible With These Few Tips


Are you single and waiting to be found? Then this is for you. Stop wishing it could be you boogeying with your prince charming next Saturday or envying your friends when they tell you their wedding has been fixed and start doing something about getting yourself hooked too.

Here’s how to make yourself irresistible for the right man to come calling!

Build yourself up. Please whoever told you that most men prefer a pretty woman with no brains was definitely lying to you. Most men like women that have something to offer intellectually not one who can’t carry on an intelligent conversation when you go out with his friends. So start getting interested in news, current affairs, politics, history, world affairs, etc. you don’t have to know everything, just enough to flow during discussions and your man will find you irresistible.

Work on your confidence: Confidence is a very attractive garment and one sure ingredient in every irresistible woman. Build your confidence by dressing well, taking good care of your skin and hair, looking beautiful and doing things that make you feel confident.

Polish your social skills and etiquette: If you don’t know how to use your cutlery now is the time to learn. Please look it up on google and polish your skills. We don’t want him to take you out and be embarrassed by you holding a fork on your right hand and knife on your left. Learn how to speak in public, how to be respectful to elders, how to make your opinions without being too controversial or assertive, how to sit in public and how to relate with people.

Get in tune with fashion: You need to step up your game! Get more fashionable but please do it within the confines of modesty and morality. We don’t want you wearing indecent stuff just to get noticed. Just make sure your look is trendy, fashionable and catchy! It will make you more likely to be noticed and urmm…irresistible!

Find a passion or learn a skill: Your man must find you while you are busy doing something worthwhile just like Jacob found Rachael while she was out watering her father’s flocks. That’s what will make you irresistible. So if you don’t have one yet this is the best way to find your passion or develop a skill like designing clothes, blogging, professional makeup, bead or hat making, volunteering for charity works, advocacy, etc.

Become committed to a cause in church: It’s not enough to be a church goer step it up by joining a department or forming a group in church. Find a group that suits your interest and become committed. If you’re a doctor you could form a group to provide free medical services once in a month or as a lawyer you could have a group for Human rights activities like assisting children suffering domestic violence, etc. If you’re neither of the above have you ever considered starting a soup kitchen? Thank me later…***winks.

Start reading up books on marriage: This can never be overemphasized. You need to be prepared and how else but through books and tapes on marriage. You should even attend relevant seminars and get all available information that will help you in marriage. You can also use this time to start learning parenting skills by babysitting for a sibling or friend. When your time comes you will be more than ready.

So dear single lady get busy and don’t forget to invite me when it clicks!



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