For Single Ladies: Things To Consider Before Accepting a Man Who Lives in a Different Country or City

Long distance relationships is one thing anyone getting into a marriage or relationship can hardly avoid? You don’t set out to meet and fall in love with someone who lives far away from you and would always find a way for you two to be together. We live in a dynamic world where a partner could get a better job in another city or travel outside the country to further his education or even relocate to find greener pastures. Also you could meet a man online and develop feelings for him only to find out that he lives in a different city or country. Would the distance become a barrier or would you allow the relationship to blossom with the hope that someday you will find a way to surmount the challenges of a long distance relationship?

Before you make the decision to get committed to a man who lives in a different country or city there are certain things you have to take into consideration. Some of them are:

His level of citizenship

This is essentially for the ladies dating a man who lives outside the country. When making a decision to get committed to such a man you should find out his level of citizenship. He could be an illegal immigrant or living abroad with a two-year visa which could expire in a few months. It is not enough to hear that he lives abroad you should go further to find out if he has a work or residency permit.

Job and Financial Stability

Before taking such a serious decision it is also important for you to find out if he has a serious job where he lives and his level of financial stability especially since you might resign from your job to join him. Can his job sustain you both until you get another job? Does he have a stable job or does he shuttle between two job? These are all things you need to know.

Referrals on character and association: background check

You need to do a background check on him before you commit. Ask around and find out about him from people that know him. Since you’re not seeing him every day how can you know if he’s a gangster or a drug dealer. You need to ask.

Your own willingness or ability to relocate

Let’s not forget that it’s mainly about you. Are you willing to locate? Can you leave your job to relocate and join him?

Level of love and commitment

You need to know his level of love and commitment before taking that bold step

Surprise Visit

Don’t just buy everything he says hook line and sinker. You need to check him out yourself and make your assessments. You need to pay him a visit first and check out things for yourself

So lady, before you pack that bag and jet out of town start checking…




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