For the Men: Five Kinds of Women You Should Never Get Married To

Man Holding Bite of Desert for Girlfriend

I know Femmetotale is essentially for women but today this post is for the men. The men felt cheated by my previous post on Five types of men you should never say yes to so this one is for them. Lets strike a balance. Besides we don’t want our brothers and close friends falling for the wrong women, right? So choosing the right woman to marry isn’t always a walk in the park for some men. There are women you get married to and that is the beginning of the end for you and there are the wife materials, you know the ones that will make your home a heaven on earth. Well our focus here are the ones you should look out for and avoid like a time bomb.

girl not to marryMaterialistic Matilda: She’s your classic material girl, always talking about buying obscenely expensive human hair weaves, designer shoes, couture dresses, going shopping in Dubai, etc. She treats you like her ATM, doesn’t bother about savings, badgers you to get her a new phone or car or whatever her needs are. She doesn’t make half the money she spends and you know her family is not particularly rich. You sometimes wonder how she gets that kind if money because she’s not even working yet but you’re afraid to ask. Brother your girl is materialistic and to keep that kind of wife you need to be making more money than your regular income. The worst thing about materialistic girls is that when they become wives they usually don’t have the patience to endure difficult times and every marriage has its ups and downs. So if you’re not wealthy, a scam artist, a successful music artist or a politician you better have a rethink and take a step back.

Cantankerous Cathy: This one is quarrelsome, always complaining, backbiting and is not happy except there’s trouble brewing somewhere. She quarrels with everybody even security men, gossips a lot and will never back down from a fight. She might be generally nice but she can’t keep that aspect of her that likes to fight in check. Are you Mike Tyson and can you keep up with a female Mike Tyson? Are you ready to be separating fights in your compound? Are you ready for constant nagging when you get married? If no then what are you waiting for? You best run far away from cantankerous Cathy if you want a peaceful home.

Flirtatious Fumilola: This Fumilola will flirt with any man that catches her fancy whether you are there or not. If you check her phone you are bound to find numbers saved as Chief Abuja, Senator Presidential, Chief Sapele, High Chief Port Harcourt or Commissioner Owerri. She’s always traveling to visit one uncle or the other and you suspect you may not be her only boyfriend. So you are considering marriage? You better keep off this one and avoid a lifetime of worrying about your wife cheating on you.

Over-pampered Ola: This one is a daddy’s girl, over-pampered, lazy, selfish and spoilt. She doesn’t know how to cook or do domestic chores. She’s always had a nanny that does all those things for her and doesn’t see why you should make a fuss. She has no skill, doesn’t work and believes that a man’s duty is to provide for her just like her daddy does. She may be a rich kid in which case her parents may give you very expensive gifts, cars and landed property in choice areas. Sounds tempting but can you keep up? Would you be able to bear her ineptitude in the FB_IMG_1484645657260kitchen and in other domestic duties?

Emotionally Unstable Emmanuella: She’s clingy, needy and always wants to be reassured of your love for her. She’s driven by extreme jealousy and will always react whenever she sees you with another girl. She’s constantly checking your phone, calling to find out where you are and threatens to kill herself if you ever leave her. She may erupt in anger over her jealousy sometimes and you often wonder if she’s addicted to hard drugs or something. My brother what are you still waiting for? You wan enter one chance? Lol!

These are five girls you should avoid when looking to settle down or do you have something to add? Thank me later.


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