For The Slay Queens

A word to all slay queens…by all means keep slaying! I mean we enjoy seeing your perfectly made up faces, your sexy pout, your hippy pose and your hour glass figure in tight clothes. Your expensive human hair weaves, your cute lashes, your flirty smiles, your white bleached skin, and photo-shopped gleaming faces on Facebook also trips us but I’ve got to let you know this…

So this new trend of slay queens, slay princess, slay this and slay that are stuff that have got me worried these days. I get really distressed when I hear a young lady say that all she aspires to in life is to meet a rich guy, get married to him and have him meet all her needs. I mean, yeah how nice it would be if life could really be as simple as that but no man is willing to take on a liability these days except you want to be a trophy wife, a mere painting on the wall, beautiful and great for showing off but never having a say or an opinion and lest I forget, subject to all kinds of abuses. Many girls tend to believe that this is what life is all about. Check all their social media accounts and you’re bound to see half nude pics of them splashed every where with captions like “slay queen” and the likes. A thousand guys follow her on twitter and instagram telling her how sexy she looks and how they cant wait to meet her in person. She gushes about the number of likes on her posts and stands in front of the bathroom mirror in her undies to take more. You’ve heard enough already, right? Well this is what a guy had to say about girls like this on facebook and I think he’s so right.


For the Slay Queens

Dear ladies,

There is one thing I want you to understand about us MEN.

When you post half-naked pictures of yourself

on Facebook, doing a sexy pose, or showing us your boobs or

lying seductively on your bed…

The only thing you are doing is making us feel lust about you

I know you will feel excited about the 500

Likes, 120 sweet Comments and countless

inbox messages you will receive and you will

feel so high more so to be on top of the world.


KNOW, in reality, none of those guys who will

like and comment on your photo or send

you messages in your inbox loves you. They are

just lusting about using and dumping you. In fact

they hate you because none of them would

take you to his home to be his wife. Trust

me they take you as a whore looking for cheap

popularity on facebook.

Men whether rich or poor admire ladies who

dress decently and respect themselves.

Decent clothing that reveals less about your

body makes us love and respect you.

It tells us that you are a virtuous woman and

a wife material one would take home to be a

mother. It tells us how you were brought up morally

and gives us details about your good family


Value your Body, Be real and Respect yourself.

And a good man who will respect you will

find you whatsoever.

Milan Ivory Trez

That said, Beauty has got to be skin deep or it will fade ever so quickly leaving a dry limp skin in its wake. Skin deep beauty is one that comes with brains, business savy, ambition and achievements. If at age 30 you haven’t got a dream that will translate into purpose before your youth is gone then you really need to stop in your tracks and evaluate your life.

Be a slay queen by all means but beyond that we want to hear of you slaying in academics, business, your career, in scientific discoveries, in research and in the international discourse.

Dare to stand out!


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