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May Is Here!

Hey Lady,

If you’re reading this then congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones who made it into the month of May. April was quite an eventful month. Though we are not sorry to bid her farewell, we are unabashedly eager to see what May has in store for us. Like we always say here on Femmetotale, expect only good things to happen. Someone reading this is asking, what’s there to be excited about May, the year hasn’t exactly been smooth for us, not with the unending recession, broken promises, unrelenting hardships, unprecedented wickedness, ruthless impunity, disasters and waves of bad news flowing through the land. I say it is true we are experiencing these but we know that we are more than conquerors in Christ.

In a few words, our mantra in May is WE DON’T FEAR THEIR FEARS! The kind of news we hear daily including the stories we see shared on social media resonate the fact that there are multiple reasons to be afraid. Ladies even seem to be most affected, being the weaker vessels and more vulnerable members of the society, what with tales of violence against women, failed marriages and relationships. People we look up to, mentors and role models all seem to be mired in the same issues. Who is there to believe again? Where do we look to for information and how do we bulletproof our relationships and marriages? Well, as long as we place our trust in God, we can only expect good things.

So here’s what to look forward to on Femmetotale this May. Since love is often the hottest topic for women, we will explore the 5 LEVELS OF LOVE and the LANGUAGE of LOVE. Some women rush into marriage with rich men and then realize that they are trapped in marriage to a Nabal. Find out more about this on ABIGAIL MARRIED TO NABAL…. HOW TO SURVIVE MARRIAGE TO A FOOLISH SPOUSE. Watch out for new episodes of our series, I am Adore…Love Tales of a Doc-Diva every Saturday. New exciting articles on relationships, marriages, your body and health and inspirational messages will be up every day. On Femmetotale you are sure to find a daily companion loaded with lots of stuff to fill your life with fun.

In this new month, the things that had been so difficult for you to accomplish shall come to you speedily, you will be settled in your relationships and marriages, God will fight your battles and you will hold your peace, you will obtain new insights and climb mountains that seemed too high for you, your life shall be sweet like honey and only good things will come to you.

Stay glued to Femmetotale and may you always get godly information that will encourage and motivate you.


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    • Thanx love!!! I’m really encouraged when I find that there are so many other people who share my passion for God’s word. Good job on your blog and I’m glad I found you too.

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