How to get the girl of your dreams

So you have seen the girl of your dreams and even though you want to immediately approach her you also want to be careful because you know that if you don’t get it right you may never have a chance to get her again.

The truth is that girls are often more equipped for relationship than guys.  From childhood people start drumming it into a girls head that she has to play hard-to-get before accepting any man.  On the other hand,  very few fathers teach their sons how to get a girl and so most of the time he depends on stuff he hears from his friends, stuff he watches on TV or he simply does it the way he feels is right . The few lucky ones get it right through their natural talents or pick up some good skills after getting it wrong a few times. Some others are so cute that the girls naturally do all the chasing and they only make their choices. Still some others try and fail so much and they keep wondering why they can’t seem to get the girl they really want. Is there something wrong or something they aren’t doing right?

Shortly, I will tell you how to get it right.  There are two things you must know; first, not every girl will like you the way you like her because she may be the girl of your dreams but you may not be the man of her dreams and secondly you cannot always make someone like you. Try your best with a few good steps but if the response is not positive then know when to bow out.  

Why is it that good girls always go for the bad boys? It’s very simple. The bad boys are the ones that know how to get the girls. Good guys often carry last. Have you also noticed that the bad guys aren’t always the most handsome or the richest ones? They just know the right things to say and they have the best techniques.

As the very nice girl that I am, I decided to do a little fact finding for you guys so I asked the few bad guys I know what their secrets are and what charm they use in getting all the girls. You want to know what I discovered? Well, in order not to make this a very long post, I’ve decided to end it here and post the main tips later. 



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  1. Hahahaha…nice one! *claps for you*
    Got me all interested and wide eyed, then you go asking for a go-ahead. But of course! Yes now. Lol
    Please go ahead. There! You have it.

    On a more serious note, this is so realistic, a couple days ago, I was gisting with a female friend on how, no matter how well put together a guy is,(intellect,swag,dough etc) he gets nervous and unsure when asking a girl out or proposing …and we ladies have been socialized to put pepper in their eye well well with all our coy, play-hard-to-get
    No one stops to think how much of a tough feat it really is for ’em… No one prepares them *sigh*.

  2. I have written many books on this subject.

    A man does not attract the girl he desires. He attracts the girl he DESERVES. He can dream all he likes, but he will end up with a lady who is a mirror reflection of his values and character. For instance, if you are not the party loving kind of girl, you will not be interested in a party loving kind of guy. You will respond positively to a guy who shares your values.

    Bad guys don’t really get the ‘good girls’. Bad guys get girls who DESERVE them. When a smooth talking guy puts on his act, a woman of character can see through his deception and decline his advances. The girls who fall for such tricks are girls whose souls resonate with the lack of character in the bad guy. Good girls want good guys in their lives. No right thinking woman wants a guy who will sleep with all the girls in the neighbourhood for her husband. She desires a good man, but like I said, she will only attract the guy she deserves.

    Waiting for the completion of your article.


    • True…True and very insightful. People really get what they deserve and not what they desire. This is why a man needs to build himself up properly before trying to get a woman. Unfortunately, many guys seem to take this for granted. So these days you see ladies who are skilled, hardworking, intelligent and successful and very few men like that. Thank you for your comment and your works on this. I hope guys are reading this too.

          • You are welcome sir. Ooh No I haven’t written any books but I’m a very good reader. I will definitely be feasting on those articles via your blog then. Ride on Sir, pls keep dishing them out to us. Thanks for blessing the world with the investment of the Word in you.

    • Okay Frances! Thanks for the go-ahead! I’m still wondering about the issue of being a mirror of the kind of person we attract tho 😀 cos seriously I’ve had ppl walk up to me and I’m like wwhhaaaaattttt (only in my mind oh!). I try to be as nice as possible to them. Maybe @praisegeorge can help us out with that.

  3. Femmetotale pls don’t do this again to me ooh..there I was waiting to here that point for the men and you just shattered all my imaginations. #crying.
    Well, I would always tell myself and my friends, you cannot ask God for a good man or woman when you yourself are not one. Is it just you that God loves? He also loves the man or woman that you desire, he would need you to also be good enough for them. We really have to develop our selves, like Sir Praise George said, we get what we deserve based on what we have become.
    Now, you have my GO AHEAD OOOOOOOHHHHH!
    I can’t wait to see wats in for the MEN.

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