I am Adore… Love Tales of a Doc-Diva 2

When you’re a fine girl, with brains and an attitude like mine you will have tons of admirers, haters even but only few bold guys ever come close to you. You wonder why I said an attitude like mine? Did I forget to mention that I have pretty rigid principles about the kind of guy that I can date. I mean if you’re not taller than my 5ft 9 inches frame, not good looking, don’t speak good English (it may not be accented but please no mixing of tenses), not a professional or at least a graduate with an incredibly good job, don’t have a cool car, a nice house or come from a good home then you’re simply not qualified to even breathe the same air with me. Meaning, don’t even come within 6 ft of me cos I’ve been known to tongue lash guys and humiliate anyone who is not up to my standards. Suffice it to say I’ve had a very short list of boyfriends within the 29 years of my existence on earth and I’ve been slightly worried that I am going to end up an old maid, not that I would ever admit my fears to anyone not even my younger sister, Kamsi who has had a string of boyfriends though she always ended up heartbroken and trust me I’ve always lost no time in telling her how cheap she was to fall for low lives that would hurt her in the end.

My relationship with my sister is almost practically hostile and I can imagine how many times she’s wished me dead and I hate her just as much. She’s my only sibling but I’ve never gotten along with her right from childhood. My animosity towards her is not unrelated to the fact that our dad loved her more than me. He always bought gifts for her while I was left feeling unloved and unwanted. The excuse was that she was the last born and I wasn’t to begrudge her. Well, I took solace in the fact that my mum loved me and tried to make up for my dad’s injustice to me. Then there was the fact that I was more beautiful than my sister, well in my own estimation because she’s got this  incredibly beautiful eyes slanted at the edges, a cute dimpled smile and very nice full figure although she’s the dark one while I’m fair in complexion. My mum says I took after my grandfather who I never met because both she and dad are dark too.

Anyways, enough about my non-existent relationship with Kamsi and more about how I’m going to get myself a man who will not only meet all my criteria but will be so crazy in love with me that he’ll be wiling to waltz down the altar with me and we will live happily ever after. Oh yes, this is where I’ll need your help because I’ll turn 30 in eight months time and I have every intention of meeting the man I’m going to marry before then. My best friend, Victoria says it’s impossible but impossible is not a word I use often. I’m a goal getter and I always get whatever I set my mind to even if it means going down to Owerri to see the powerful man of God with my mum. You see, ever since her call this morning I’ve been gently courting the idea and asking myself what I’ve got to lose. Besides I love my mum so much and I never want to hurt her feelings. She’s the only one who has ever really loved me, taking my side whenever my dad was too strict with me and always standing up for me even when I knew I was wrong. She didn’t pamper me but I never doubted her love and though I always sought dad’s love and acceptance, making good grades so I could hear him say how much more intelligent than Kamsi I was, her love was steadfast. By the way, dad never acknowledged how smart I was or how good I was in school neither did he ever scold Kamsi for her poor grades but would buy her gifts to encourage her to do better next time. You now know why I hated her and still do even though it’s been 14 years since dad died. I think I felt his loss more than anyone because I hadn’t yet proved to him how much better than Kamsi I was and I had still never gotten any sign of his love for me in comparison with Kamsi. Don’t judge me. This is who I am and I don’t apologize for it.

A voice broke my reverie. It was Dayo, a colleague and a very annoying one at that. I only tolerate him because he is my senior colleague, also very good at his job and comes in handy when I need someone to cover for me in my absence and though he comes from a rich family, he’s absolutely not boyfriend material for me because he’s shorter than me (only by 3 inches though) and he’s not particularly good looking.

Dayo: Hello beautiful!

I hate it when Dayo addresses me in that manner as if there’s any relationship between us.

Me: Hello Dayo. How’s work today?

Dayo: Good so far but even better now that I’ve seen you.

It was mid morning and I had only seen one patient. Why was he smiling at me that way, anyway?

Me: I’m expecting another patient soon so what can I do for you? (Yes I’m usually that flippant)

Dayo: Come on Adore, I’ve been wanting to see you all morning but I know how much you hate it when I come to your office too early so I had to wait till now to come.

Me: You still haven’t told me what you want.

Dayo: Okay. Will you be attending the end of year party?

I thought about it for a few seconds. If I am to actualize my plans of meeting the right man in the next 8 months then I know I have to become as socially visible as possible even if it means going for our medical association’s end of year party with Dayo.

Me: When is the end of year party?

Dayo: Saturday evening.

Me: Okay I’ll come.

Dayo: Really?

He giggled like a schoolboy who had just been promised his favorite toy.

Me: Dayo you can go now let me see my next patient please.

Dayo: Okay okay, I’ll go but I’ll come back later to tell you the venue and time plus I’ll bring you your invitation card. Don’t forget you’re my date to the event. I don’t want to hear that Tony convinced you to go with him.

Tony is my other colleague that is also trying to get close to me. At least he’s much taller than me and also good looking but he’s a bit dull and has this thick Igbo accent I can’t stand. I only relate with him more because of his good looks.

I watched Dayo walk away in excitement and thought about how Christopher used to be so excited about me. I glanced at our picture on my desk and took in his easy smile, his self assured looks, his neatly trimmed beard and well carved sideburns and the twinkle in his eyes as the camera captured our happy moment at Jabi lake. No one looking at the picture would believe we would quarrel within the next ten minutes over my refusal to stop calling him Christopher.

Watch out for the next exciting episode of I am Adore…Love Tales of a Doc-Diva

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