I am Adore… Love Tales of a Doc-Diva 3

Did I forget to mention that I have a thing against shortening names? His friends and family all call him Chris but I totally hate the idea of anyone shortening a name like that. Christopher sounds more dignified and Christopher Mac-Pepple totally sounds more impressive than Chris Mac-Pepple but he insists on my calling him Chris like everyone. Well, suffice it to say that our outing didn’t end well that day and it took two days for him to call me. Why didn’t I call him, you ask. Well, you see I’m a diva and I don’t believe I have to beg any man. I won’t deny that I felt like calling him when he didn’t call but that would mean laying down my pride and I believed he would take advantage of it.  I’m a great catch and I know it. If he were to end things with me a thousand guys would come knocking in a few seconds. Well, these are the things I said to Victoria who lost no time in laughing at me and reminding me that Christopher was the only real relationship I’ve had in a long time possibly all my life and I may just lose him to my pride. I still haven’t been able to get myself to tell her she was right.

Victoria’s the voice of reason but I don’t always listen to her. I believe I know better and even though she’s been in a stable relationship with Daniel (at least I like the fact that he doesn’t insist on being called Dan) for almost 5 years now and he’s been alluding to the possibility of their getting married next year, I still believe I know more about how to keep a relationship than her. Don’t laugh at me jor… Just because I lost this one doesn’t mean my ideas are all wrong.

So how did I meet Christopher? Simple…my job. Well I’m a doctor and everyone knows our lives are pretty boring. My social life has never been more than 35% active as my life revolves around the hospital, my house and my phone with which I can keep in touch with my mum so how else do I meet any guy? I didn’t meet him in the hospital though. Our meeting was purely by chance and that’s why I always believed there was a divine order to it and admitting that the relationship has ended is very difficult for me.

I had just recently received my license as a Medical Doctor and was working as a House Officer in Federal Hospital. I had the flu and needed to pick up some drugs from the pharmacy. When I got there I noticed that the pharmacy was closed.

A nurse was sitting at the front desk applying makeup on her face while her colleague, a very dark girl with tribal marks on both cheeks sat on the other side laughing at a joke she had just said. They saw me but continued talking as if nobody came in.

Naturally, I was annoyed that they ignored me so I snapped at them.

Me:  Am I not talking to you?

The dark nurse on the other side of the desk said to the one with the makeup

Nurse with tribal marks: Susan, it seems someone is talking to you.”

Other Nurse: Who? (She eyed me from head to toe and then asked)  Can I help you?

The nurse’s impudence was more than I could bear.

Me: Didn’t you hear me talking to you?

Nurse with tribal marks: Sorry Doc, how may I help you? (She still eyed me as she said this)

I was still furious but decided to deal with it later. Better to let it pass since the nurse had apologized besides I was feeling too sick to Quarel.

Me: Why is the pharmacy locked?

Nurse with tribal marks: There’s a directive from Management that it should be closed until the committee finishes their job.

At first I thought it was not true. Then I remembered that there was an allegation that expired drugs were being dispensed at the pharmacy. The story was that whoever was responsible for restocking the pharmacy had supplied repackaged expired drugs. So a committee was set up to make findings on the matter.

I hissed and left the hospital. I was still very angry with the two nurses’ attitudes and I would have really dressed them down but I was too sick for that and I knew it was better to buy the drugs somewhere else and leave the fight for another. I had never gotten along with those two. Victoria said I needed to be nicer, that my attitude made them hostile to me especially because they were always friendly with her. Well, that was not my problem. I wasn’t going to bother myself about them. I made a mental note to ask Victoria if she knew about the temporary lock-down of the pharmacy.

The walk to a nearby pharmacy was not too long but I was cold and weak. It was in a plaza close to the hospital, a big place but thankfully not busy. There was only one customer standing at the counter waiting for the pharmacist to give him the drugs he asked for.

I walked up to the counter. A second look at the guy standing beside me told me all I needed to know that he would be a good catch. That is if he would notice me. Suddenly he turned to me and smiled. My hear skipped a beat.

Cute Stranger: Good morning

Me: Good morning.

The guy was handsome in an effortless way, fair, with pink lips and a nice slim, tall physique. He had this cute dimpled smile and a well groomed crop of beard on his jaw though there was no single hair on his head. He was wearing an expensive looking white long-sleeved shirt on blue jeans and a tiny gold chain on his neck. I tried not to stare at him but I was very much attracted to him and wished he would be interested in me too.

He asked the pharmacist a question I didn’t hear. Well that was because I was busy admiring him and wondering what I could do to get him. What? I may be a diva but I’m also a girl who knows how to go after what I want. If I had to beam a green light to get this one then I was sure going to.

I knew I had to find a way to strike up a conversation with him. All I  needed was a good opening. My chance came faster than I expected when the pharmacist returned without his order.

Pharmacist: Sorry you have to wait for a while. We have your order. My assistant is packaging it.

The pharmacist turned to me and said

Pharmacist: How may I help you?

Me: Please let me have a card of septrin and paracetamol. Then eh . . . vitamin C.

The pharmacist went off to bring the drugs and I seized the opportunity to talk to the cute stranger.

Me: Are you sick?

Cute Stranger: No I came to pick up my mum’s prescription.

I noticed he was checking me out though I pretended to be focused on the pharmacist walking towards us. I felt breathless and hoped he was attracted to me too.

The pharmacist brought our orders at the same time and as he turned to leave he offered me a lift. His car was a black SUV.

Cute Stranger: So where are you going?

Me: Federal Hospital. It’s just around the corner.

Cute Stranger: You work there?

Me: Yes, I’m a doctor.

Cute Stranger: Really?

I could see the interest in his eyes and I knew I had achieved my aim.

Cute Stranger: By the way, I’m Christopher, Chris for short.

Me: I’m Adore. Nice to meet you Christopher.

You should know how I felt at that moment.

Christopher: Adore, like I Adore you?

His charming dimpled smile was still turned on.

Me: (laughing flirtatiously) It’s actually a short form of Adaora.

Christopher: Okay, that’s nice.

He was already opening the passenger side of his SUV. I smiled secretly, admiring the nice car. My instincts never fail me. I could tell he was quite rich from the moment I saw him.

Me: Thank you.

I sat down in front. It seemed like a brand new car. I could still see the torn nylons used to cover the seats as well as smell the fresh leather.

Christopher: So what was a doctor doing in a pharmacy?

Me: Well I have a cold and our pharmacy at the hospital is temporarily closed so I had to come down here.

Christopher: A cold, I hope it’s not that bad?

Me: Not really.

I smiled inwardly. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. The annoying incidence with the nurse that morning had been completely erased from my memory by that chance meeting. In fact, I was even willing to forgive her.

He dropped me right in front of the reception and got down to open the door for me. A complete gentleman like I had always dreamed of. He said he had to head back home to check on his mother before going back to work. He asked for my number and left but not without flashing me his charming smile again. I was totally swooning and couldn’t wait to tell my mum about him.

Watch out for another exciting episode of I am Adore…Love Tales of a Doc-Diva.

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