I am Adore… Love Tales of a Doc-Diva 4

He dropped me right in front of the reception and got down to open the door for me. A complete gentleman like I had always dreamed of. He said he had to head back home to check on his mother before going back to work. He asked for my number and left but not without flashing me his charming smile again. I was totally swooning and couldn’t wait to tell my mum about him.

I must have been so lost in thought that I was oblivious to the nurse standing at my office door.

Nurse Nonny: Doctor you have a patient waiting to see you. Should I tell her to come in?

Me: Yes

I snapped at her because I didn’t want her to think I was sad or depressed. Nurse Nonny was probably the only nurse I got along with but I didn’t let her think my cordial relationship was something to be taken for granted. She dropped the patient’s hospital card and left.

A tall, beautiful, well dressed woman in a lemon green dress and dark pink hijab came into my office. She was with a teenage daughter who was also similarly dressed though I could spot a pair of blue jeans under her pink kaftan.

Me: Good morning ma, please sit down.

She sat down and her daughter sat beside her. The woman looked very familiar but I just couldn’t remember where I knew her from. I saw that her daughter’s name was Zara Ibrahim. The girl seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Me: What’s wrong with you, Zara?

The woman responded.

Zara’s mum: She has been complaining of pain on the left side of her face, tooth ache and a terrible headache. She hardly slept last night.

Me: Zara which part of your teeth is aching?

Zara: The whole mouth but under my left eye also hurts. I can’t tell which part hurts more.

Zara’s mum: She visits the dentist regularly. Her last visit was two weeks ago before we came back from the US so I’m surprised she’s having pains like this.

Me: Zara have you been drinking enough water lately? Have you been under any form of stress?

She nodded and then shook her head.

Zara: I’ve not really been drinking enough water and I think I may have been stressed out. I’m preparing for my exams and I’m always on my laptop.

I examined Zara, wrote down my diagnosis and drugs that would take care of it. I called Nurse Nonny on the intercom and gave her the card. Then I directed them to the pharmacy. To Zara I said,

Me: Your sinuses are inflamed and that’s why you have this feeling of pain below your left eye and in your whole mouth though you don’t have pain in your gums or tooth decay. I’ve prescribed some drugs that will help you feel better.

Both Zara and her mum looked quite relieved which was funny because the pain hadn’t even stopped.

Zara’s mum: Thank you so much doctor. I had been so worried especially since she couldn’t tell which particular tooth was hurting her.

Me: It is nothing to be worried about. She will be fine.

They soon left and I settled back in my seat thinking about my first date with Christopher.

He had called me that very night after we met. It was around 9pm and I was just getting ready to go to bed. I instantly knew it was him though I didn’t have his number.

Christopher: Hello

Me: Hello

Christopher: Sorry I’m calling you by this time. I’m Christopher, we met in a pharmacy this morning.

Me: Oh yes, I remember. The guy that came to pick up a prescription his mother. I hope she’s fine now.

Christopher: Yes she is.

Me: Well, I’m glad she’s fine now.

Christopher: So can I take you out for lunch tomorrow? I would really like to see you again.

Nothing would make me happier than a date with him but I needed to play hard to get. Call me old fashioned or whatever.

Me: Tomorrow is going to be awfully busy for me. Let’s make it the day after.

He seemed disappointed.

Christopher: Next tomorrow it is then. I’ll come pick you up by 12. Good night!

I echoed good night and wondered if I wasn’t being silly as he ended the call. Every thing in me screamed that I should call him back and tell him I would be available the next day but good sense won and I decided that one more day without seeing this cute guy wouldn’t kill me if I had waited 26 years of my life to meet him.

The next day went by like a blur and I practically counted the hours till I saw him again. I took extra care of my appearance that morning. I wore a pair of brownish gray trousers with a gold short sleeved shirt neatly tucked in and matching gold accessories. On my feet were my brand new pair of brown peep-toe shoes and my hair was up in a bun. The trousers hugged my figure snuggly and though the shirt wasn’t tight at all, it accentuated my slim frame making me look like a runway model. I was really looking good and I knew it with every pair of eyes that trailed me as I got to the hospital that morning.

I felt rather than saw the nurse with the tribal marks eye me as I passed the counter. I didn’t know her name and didn’t care. I simply ignored her. I understood what her problem was. I was always stealing their thunder with my good looks and my snobbish attitude naturally would put anybody off. I didn’t feel guilty at all. I rather pitied her so I walked casually to the office I shared with two other doctors.

Victoria was already seated when I came in. She saw the look on my face and come over to my desk.

Victoria: Something is up with you. I know it. Tell me what’s happening!

Me: (Feigning ignorance) Like what?

Victoria: Oh be serious! You’re going on a date, right?

Me: Shhhhh….

I didn’t want Osita, my other colleague to hear. He was making a call anyway.

Me: Yes!

Victoria: Bahd gehl! That’s why you’re dressed to kill like this today!

Me: What! Victoria, I’m corporately dressed.

Victoria: Yeah right! Please who is this guy! Does he meet all the criteria?

Me: (Throwing up my hands in mock surrender) Yes! He meets the main criteria but I can only find out the rest when I see him today. I wanted to tell you about him but I wanted to wait till he comes today just in case he decides to stand me up.

Victoria: How can anybody stand you up. (Victoria rolled her eyes) Fine girl like you. Anyway I can’t wait to meet this guy. What’s his name and how did you meet?

Me: Christopher and I’ll tell you the rest when we are alone!

I pursed my lips and wore my lab coat. Victoria knew she wouldn’t get any more information from me so she went back to her table. Patients soon started pouring in. I was on my Obs and Gyno  posting and that was going to be a very busy day. My only saving grace was that our Consultant was away. That meant I could sneak off for a few hours for my date. I smiled in glee, watching the clock strike 12.


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