I am Adore… Love Tales of a Doc-Diva 5

Christopher called me at exactly 12 noon. He said he was at the door to the reception. I told him to come in and ask for my office because I needed to tidy up a few things before leaving for lunch. In truth, I wanted people to see me walk out with him especially that nurse with the tribal marks. I also wanted Victoria to make an assessment of him. I took out a small mirror and powdered my face lightly. Victoria got wind of what was happening.

Victoria: Is he here?

Me: Keep your voice down.

I nodded and just then there was a knock. The door opened and Christopher stepped in. Oh my! He looked even more handsome than when I first saw him. He was wearing a sky blue shirt, well starched and expensive looking with navy blue trousers and a very nice pair of navy blue shoes. His perfume was even more impressive than his outfit.

Christopher: Hello Doctor!

Me: Hello. (I hoped I didn’t sound too windy. I wanted to play it cool.)

Christopher: Ready?

Me: Yeah, in a bit.

I stood up and slowly took off my lab coat for effect. Then I introduced him to Victoria who had been shifting in her chair as though to remind me of my obligation. Thankfully, Osita had just stepped out to ease himself.

Christopher: Nice to meet you Doctor Victoria.

Victoria: Nice to meet you too. Please take care of my friend.

I caught the mischievous smile in Victoria’s eye and simply shook my head. Then I picked up my handbag and left with Christopher.

He came with a different car. It was a white Toyota Venza, also very nice and impressive.

Christopher: Have I told you look very beautiful today?

Me: Thank you.

I smiled like I wasn’t flattered that my effort was not in vain. We were in a restaurant in Maitama. Only two other tables were occupied and it seemed like a very classy place. The two ladies at the table opposite ours were British. They had their British Council tags on so I could tell they were probably diplomats. An old man in agbada was sitting with a young lady in a patterned shift dress. I didn’t permit myself to make any assumptions about them though from the way the girl was gazing at him I very much doubted that she was his daughter…or niece.

Christopher: I’m really glad I met you the other day. I’ve been dying to see you since then.

I acted all coy and indifferent as though I hadn’t spent the past 48 hours wondering what our date would be like.

 Me: Really?

Christopher: Can I tell you a secret? I had been at the hospital gate since 11 am just so that I won’t be late for our date.

Me: (In mock surprise) Didn’t you have to be at work?

Christopher: I work for my dad. It’s not like anyone will query me for stepping out for a while.

That was my cue to find out what kind of work he did, if he was a professional and if his salary was in six figures. (Don’t judge me. I’ve never hidden my criteria for husband material from anybody.)

Me: So what kind of work does your father do?

Christopher: Well he owns a construction company, Mac-Pepple Construction and was former governorship aspirant in my state although he stepped down for his friend Boro Chinda. I am a Civil Engineer so naturally I’m part of the company. We are into road construction, construction of high-rise buildings and major bridges. We just completed a 14 floor office block on Central Business District and we’re building a hotel for a client in Asokoro. So where are you from? I’m from Rivers State.

Me: Imo State.

I was still dazed by the realization that the handsome guy sitting opposite me might just be the man I had been waiting for. The waiter soon arrived with our order. I had chosen something safe and pronounceable to avoid any embarrassment. The fried rice was well garnished with very soft grilled chicken. It looked like it was just taken off the page of a cookery book. Christopher had ordered something lighter. It seemed like Irish potatoes with some sort of creamy soup and chicken. It looked nice but I wasn’t sure how it would taste being something that looked so foreign.

Christopher: I used to like this a lot during my Master’s degree in the US.

This was just too good to be true, a guy that met all my criteria?

Christopher: Are you enjoying your meal?

Me: Yes I am.

Christopher: So what’s it like being a doctor?

Christopher sounded like he had rehearsed all the questions he was going to ask me. I could already tell he was the shy type. He didn’t make eye contact when he spoke, looked away quickly whenever my eyes caught his and kept smiling nervously. I couldn’t tell if my looks were intimidating him or if that was just his nature.

Me: Hectic and quite boring especially when you’re a House Officer like me.  I’m always on call, always attending to patients or on ward rounds with our Consultant who can ask a question at any moment and embarrass you if you don’t give the correct answer.  So it’s hectic but I feel fulfilled when a patient recovers. Sometimes the gratitude on their faces is enough to make me enjoy the work no matter how stressful it is. Then there’s the issue of lack of equipment. Can you believe we don’t even have a defibrillator in the hospital now?

Christopher: You don’t say!

I had expected him to ask me what a defibrillator is used for but he seemed to be quite knowledgeable. Another plus for him.

Me: So if we are about to lose a patient we have to try and revive him manually and the government does not even appreciate our efforts. Anyway, enough about me and my boring profession.

Christopher: Your profession is not boring at all. I have always admired Medical Doctors and wished to marry one.

There….my time had finally come! My wedding could actually be in a few months time. I mentally visualized myself in a state-of-the-art wedding gown, walking down the aisle to meet Christopher.

Nurse Nonny’s knock interrupted my pleasant reverie again. She came in and sat down in excitement without waiting to be told.

Nurse Nonny: Doctor Adora, that woman that just left your office do you know who she is?

I wasn’t pleased with her recent familiarity but her excitement had me intrigued.

Nurse Nonny: She’s the wife of the Deputy Senate President. It’s like she was very happy with the way you attended to them. She shared money to all the nurses outside. 5k each and she was asking me your name. I told her and she said okay and left. It’s like the medicine they gave them at the pharmacy worked fast fast on the daughter.


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