I am Adore… Love Tales of a Doc-Diva 6

At first, I found it difficult to believe Nurse Nonny but then I realized why the woman looked familiar to me. I had probably seen her on the TV, fashion magazines or newspapers but that did not explain why she was directed to me. Everyone knew the Chief Medical Director of our hospital preferred to handle the high profile clients himself. Then I remembered the CMD was away with his family on a short vacation. I wasn’t the next in seniority but the CMD had always reposed confidence in me over all my colleagues?

Me: So they shared money to you people. Good for you.

Nurse Nonny: I pray you keep making them happy like this let them keep dashing us money. Chineke emela oh! Nne i ga-aluta ezi di!

Nurse Nonny is also from Imo State. That’s why she always relates with me on a familiar level. I told her thank you but silently wonder why everybody is alluding to my getting married these days. I also didn’t mention that nothing was given to me, the doctor that brought them good luck.

After Nurse Nonny left a feeling of loneliness washed over me like a wave from the ocean. I suddenly felt the need to call Christopher. I swallowed my pride and called. It was the third time I was calling since the break up. It rang twice but he didn’t pick till the call ended. I understood his message. It was really over and nothing I said would change that. I had thrown away a love that was true because of my pride. I still couldn’t get myself to say sorry. During the period of our relationship, Christopher had apologized to me a thousand times even when I was wrong. I never once apologized for anything.

I think my interest in him started waning from our second date. His mum had called while we were still eating. I could hear him explaining something to her, something about where to find what she was looking for. After like three minutes on the phone he ended the call and told me he had to rush off to see his mum. She was searching for a document he was sure he had given her the previous day. He dropped me at the hospital and zoomed off. I could instantly tell he was a mummy’s boy and I didn’t like it. I tried to tell myself that I was self-sabotaging as usual. Then it happened again. This time she couldn’t find the TV remote control which she was sure she had left on the couch beside her. I asked him if there were no domestic workers in the house she could send? He just shrugged and said maybe she was missing him. That’s when I found out he was the last and only son with three sisters. Another minus!

Anyway, I could stand all that but what I really couldn’t stand we’re his babyish tendencies. He was always too quick to apologize even when something was not his fault, and he could never stand up for himself. He was too soft and I’m not just talking about his voice. I felt I needed someone more manly. There were times I wanted to just shake him or something. I mean why would someone’s car hit his and instead of making a fuss he would just drive away without even checking the damage? When I asked him why he didn’t talk to the man that bashed his car he simply said he didn’t have the stomach for fights. Me, I didn’t have the stomach for weak men, period.

But thinking about it now, in my lonely and weak moments I’m starting to tell myself I could have managed him. He was actually very nice to me. He took me to nice spots, always checking out the coolest places and surprising me with expensive gifts. I casually smoothened the cute matron suit I was wearing. I had bought it on one of our shopping sprees in a high-end boutique. Victoria had told me I must really be under some spiritual influence to complain about such a nice catch like Christopher over some flimsy reasons. She kept shaking her head in disbelief as I told her about the final quarrel though I carefully avoided telling her it had really ended.

It was on our outing to Jabi lake. We strolled beside the lake admiring the serenity of the secluded area we had discovered. There weren’t many people at the lake. We bought suya and some coke and ate them as we enjoyed the cool breeze. I threw pebbles into the water and laughed in excitement as a small alligator strolled past. He was quick to capture the moment with his camera and said he was sure his mum wouldn’t believe it when he told her what we saw. That was when I snorted and the fight begun.

Me: Mummy’s boy!

Christopher: What did you just say?

Me: You heard me! You can’t say two sentences without mentioning your mum.

Christopher: What’s that supposed to mean?

Me: You’re a mummy’s boy simple! You can’t make a decision without consulting your mum, you are always seeking her opinion in everything and in fact you need to grow a spine!

I had raised my voice and let out so much steam in a few sentences. He stared at me in disbelief, pain and anger registered on his face as he tried so hard to control himself.

Christopher: How can you say such things to me? You are a very difficult person. You’re highly opinionated, so easily offended, abrasive and just intolerable sometimes. You insist on your own way all the time and even though I often try to give peace a chance and apologize to you even when you’re wrong but you take it for granted. And why do you insist on calling me Christopher when you know I prefer to be called Chris!

I stared at him in anger. How dare he say such hurtful things to me? I picked up my purse and started walking away.

Christopher: Where are you going to, Adore?

Me: As far away from you as possible. I can’t believe you just said all these things to me.

Christopher: But you started it.

I ignored him and headed towards the road.

Christopher: Don’t walk away from me, Adore. Come back and let’s talk about it.

I kept walking.

Christopher: If you walk away from me then consider this relationship over!

There! He was finally growing a spine. I was impressed but my pride wouldn’t let me stop. We came together in his car and I was going to have to get a cab in order to get home. I didn’t care about all that. I just wanted him to run after me and beg. He did not.  The relationship ended that day, right there at the lake. I still looked at the picture we took before the fight wondering what I should have done differently.

Victoria: A penny for your thoughts.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear Victoria come in. She noticed that I was staring at the picture of Christopher and I on my table.

Victoria: Trouble in paradise? What happened between you two?

Trust Victoria. I don’t know if she has psychic powers or what but she’s so intuitive.

Me: Nothing Victoria (I plastered a smile on my face and hoped she wouldn’t probe further)

Victoria: Dayo was just telling me about the end of year party. Are you coming with Christopher?

I let out a deep breath I didn’t know I was holding. I was truly tired of the pretense. It was time to tell the truth and face my fears.

Me: Victoria, I need to tell you something.

Watch out for another exciting episode of I am Adore… Love Tales of a Doc-Diva 


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