I am Adore… Love Tales of a Doc-Diva 8

I am Adore… Love Tales of a Doc-Diva 8

I was really flustered and didn’t know how to react in that situation. There I was hitting on a random stranger and the wife just appeared from nowhere. She was quite shabbily dressed as her oversize T-shirt seemed weather-beaten, rumpled and her hair was a mess. The man on the other hand was in a very neat, well fitted blue striped polo and white jeans. The kids were also shabbily dressed. The baby girl seemed to be sleeping but the boy glared at me suspiciously. The way his expression mirrored his mother’s would have been something to laugh about with Victoria if I wasn’t the unfortunate intruder standing in the middle of it all.

Michael: It’s almost my turn. I told you to wait in the car.

He seemed irritated with her for showing up.

Michael’s wife: Bobo was tired of waiting and he wanted to come inside

I didn’t wait to hear anymore. I quietly walked back to my chair feeling as though everyone was staring at me. Victoria was holding back a giggle.

Me: Don’t! (I warned)

Victoria: I wasn’t going to say anything.

Michael soon got the ice cream and left with his wife and kids. He waved at me and smiled. His wife glared at me and to my surprise the little boy stuck out his tongue at me. I was stunned to my marrows and looked away quickly, wishing the ground would swallow me or something.

Victoria: What was that? What just happened?

Me: I’m starting to believe that this spiritual husband thing must be real oh!

That made Victoria burst into laughter and I joined in spite of myself.

Me: I swear oh! See the kind of embarrassment I just encountered. And it could have been worse. Imagine if the woman started attacking and calling me names now.

Victoria: Thank God it didn’t get to that oh. I suspect that the wife must be used to turning up whenever she sees her husband talking to any girl. Did you see the way she was dressed? That guy is not nice at all oh. See how nice he looks and his wife and kids look so shabby. (she hissed)

Me: Victoria let’s go please. All I need right now is to go home, take a hot bath, hug my pillow and have a good night’s sleep. Today was just not my day.

Victoria: I know what you mean. Let’s go before the wife comes back.

Me: Stop it. It’s not funny abeg.

We both laughed and left the place.



It was Saturday afternoon and I was in a salon getting my hair and nails done. I intended to look fabulous at the end of year party later that evening. My plans of getting hitched before my next birthday were in motion. I had already picked out a beautiful mauve dress with slits on both sides and sequined neckline. A brand new pair of shoes the same shade as my gown was sitting on my dressing table awaiting my return from the salon where I intended to fix my favourite ponytail weave-on. I’ve been told very often that it makes me look like a beauty queen as it accentuates my beautiful long neck. I knew I was going to be late for the event but I didn’t mind since my plan was to arrive late. Mission: to turn all heads and possibly find the right man.

I smiled and brought out my iPad to while away time while my hair was getting done. I checked my Facebook newsfeed first and saw my colleague in Medical school, Awele’s wedding pictures. She wasn’t particularly pretty, she wore a low-cut hairstyle all through our university days and her face used to be full of so many pimples that if a blind man touched it he would definitely mistake it for a sponge. However, here was Awele looking different and beautiful actually. The makeup artist must have been very skillfully. All the pimples and black spots were gone. She was wearing a long weaveon that didn’t look synthetic at all. Her husband was shorter than her but looked pleasant. They looked so happy and excited. The photographer had captured a particularly picturesque moment when they were both dancing ecstatically.

I heaved a sigh. If beauty was the criteria for getting married then Awele had no business being in a wedding gown. Why was Awele getting married before me? I shook my head as I imagined Victoria saying to me, “because she didn’t set an impossible standard for the kind of man she wants to marry unlike you.” Victoria’s bluntness often hurts but I have learnt to overlook that side of her because I know I need her. I’ve never been good at making friends so I have to keep the few I’ve got.

I quickly scrolled down on Facebook and was greeted by another wedding. Some of my course mates had posted real time pictures of themselves at Amy’s wedding, another girl that was also in my class. This one was quite pretty but had a brown patch on the left side of her face which she had learnt to hide by fixing hairstyles that would cover it.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr……. Was that anger or jealousy boiling up in me? Why should these two get married before me? I crossed my arms across my chest and pouted like a petulant child. It just wasn’t fair.

Hair stylist: Madam don’t you like your hair? But it is very fine.

I had been so lost in thought that I didn’t even notice that my hair was done. The girl was looking at me disapprovingly. She probably thought I was just a difficult person.

Me: Oh yes it is nice. Now can someone please do my pedicure?

Another girl came with her pedicure set and started her gentle ministrations on my feet. The effect of the warm water was so soothing that I totally forgot what had spoiled my mood earlier. I picked up my iPad and continued checking up Facebook. Then I saw a link that fascinated me, “Ten spunky steps to getting hitched this year.” I clicked the link and it opened up a website, www.femmetotale.com.ng. The first sentence really sparked my interest.

“Jazz up your style”

Hmm… It looked interesting. I made a quick note in my head to check it out later since the girl was through with my pedicure. My nails had been painted earlier. I paid them quickly and hurried to my car. I needed to go home and dress up quickly so that I could make it to the party before it ended. Dayo had already called me five times.

The party was not quite what I had expected. The hall was dimly lit, the decoration shabbily done, it was rowdy and didn’t seem well organized at all. The MC was desperately trying to get people to listen to him. Some people seemed to be listening, some looked bored while some were conversing in groups. The hall was packed fully and I was having difficulty finding Dayo or even Victoria. I had tried their numbers several times without success. It seemed like there was network issues.  I saw a vacant seat in a corner and was about to sit when another girl beat me to it. Apparently her man was already seated on the next seat. I walked away furiously thinking about the previous incident at Cally’s ice cream heaven where I had been embarrassed for flirting with a married man.

Someone embraced me from the back, hugging me tightly and giving me little room to breathe. I was mortified and about to shout when I saw his face.

Watch out for another exciting episode of I am Adore…love Tales of a Doc-Diva


PS: Sorry for the delay in posting this next episode. I hope that the long post this week makes up for it.

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