I am Adore… Love Tales of A Doc-Diva

It’s Monday morning and I’m a bit early at the hospital, an extra bounce in my gait and a cheerful smile on my face as I carefully flip my hair away from my face. I know everyone is staring at me. Who wouldn’t stare at my porcelain skin, flawless make up, pretty face and nice figure in a cute maroon suit. I’m one of those ladies God took time to create and I’m not oblivious to the number of stares that follow me all the time. I mean every lady knows when people are admiring her, right? Well, I’ve never been known to be modest. I always take extra care of my appearance and I love it when people stare at me.
Oh yes… least I forget, let me introduce myself. I’m Adore, a doc diva, beautiful, intelligent, fascinating, captivating, alluring and ermmm everything cool you can think of. I’ve always been quite popular, a bit aloof but everyone perceives me as snobbish which is fine by me. The only snag is I have few friends, only one friend, Victoria, actually and I know I don’t treat her nicely all the time. I guess I’m always too stuck up to care. We are both Medical Doctors in Scintinella Hospital, a high profile hospital in Asokoro, Abuja.
What kind of name is Adore, you ask. Well, to be honest with you I wasn’t born with that name. I mean, which conservative parents would name their daughter Adore? The truth is I was born Adaora Dike Okorie, a very boring name for a doc diva if you ask me so well I decided to spice up my name and make myself more interesting. That’s how Adore came to be. So, I’m Adore, a doc-diva and these tales are about my love life or loveless life if you wish.
So why am I telling you about my love life you ask. You see, I will be 30 in August and I’m currently not in a relationship. Well, not many people know this cos sitting on my desk, in a lovely frame is a picture of Christopher and I, a very lovely couple you may say. The thing is Christopher and I broke up almost a year ago but till date I’ve not been able to get myself to admit to anyone that the relationship had ended especially not my mum. Oh yes, plus my mum called me early this morning by 6:00. Her call woke me up and I was still groggy when she said,
Mum:  Ady, I had that dream again oh!
Me: What dream, mum!
Mum: You know the one I told you about before. The one where it was confirmed that you have a spiritual husband.
Ok pause… I remember that infamous dream. She said that in her dream we had visited a renowned man of God who shuddered as we sat down in his office and said, young lady, why do you have a spirit man following you about.
Me: Mum, don’t tell me you still believe in that kind of thing. There’s no such thing as a spiritual husband. Besides you only had that dream after Aunty Ngozika told you she was going to take you to a powerful man of God to find out if I have a spiritual husband. It simply registered in your subconscious and metamorphosed into a dream because you’re afraid it might be true.
Mum: I know what I am saying oh. You need to be serious about this. How can you be dating someone for 3 years and he has never once followed you home to see your mother, he has not proposed and you don’t seem to be bothered about it.
Me: I told you he’s offshore, mum. He’s hardly around. Whenever he comes onshore he stays one week and goes back there. That’s why I’ve not been able to bring him down to owerri.
Mum: Hmm… Ady make hay while the sun shines oh. You know you’re not getting any younger.
Me: I’m only 29 mum!
Mum: And you will be 30 in August. Thiiiiiiiirrrrrttttyyyy!
( She really emphasized the 30 to make her point)
Me: I’m not rushing into marriage mum! Christopher and I really need to get to know ourselves better.
Mum: What again are you people getting to know about yourselves that you don’t know after 3 years? I’m serious oh. Let’s go and see that man of God so that if there’s really any spiritual husband that is stopping him from proposing to you then he can cast it away. I have said my piece.
Me: You know what mum, I need to take my bath and go to work. I don’t want to be late. We can talk about this later.
She cut the call before I could say anything else. I could imagine her muttering under her breath about how nonchalant I was being about the issue.
I stood in my bathtub letting the cool shower soothe my nerves as I thought about my love life or loveless life, if you wish. Everyone thinks I’m in a relationship with a really great guy any woman would die for but in reality I’m very much single and this is how it all happened.
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