Inspirational Women: It was Love at First Sight When I Met my Husband – Laurie Idahosa

Laurie Idahosa is a household name in Nigeria, being a foreigner married to the son of Bishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory’s son, Feb Idahosa and also having recently published an inspiring account of her journey from infertility to becoming a proud mother of three sons. She was born in Delaware, United States but has lived in Nigeria since 2002 where she met her heartthrob, Feb. She had arrived Nigeria with her father, Dr. Gary Whetstone for a crusade at the age of 13 and met 14 year old Feb with whom she discovered she had a strong chemistry. Well, we can’t really say if teenagers truly fall in love for real at that age but their bond grew over the years, having so much in common as children of great gospel ministers, united in their love for God and the church.

Rev. Laurie is virtually a Nigerian now through and through having lived and fallen in love with Nigeria and her people. She however, confessed that she received her first culture shock when she experienced the level of intrusion Nigerians naturally make into people’s lives as an “oyibo” who is used to people respecting each other’s privacy. She was quite taken aback when people asked her personal questions about why they didn’t have kids yet or why she’s fat and other such intrusive questions (Nigerian’s just don’t observe limits, you know).

On the positive, she loves the indescribable electric feeling of freedom and the way Nigerians love to laugh, dance and express themselves, throwing informal parties every now and then. She doesn’t see herself as any different from Nigerians despite her skin colour and loves to wear Nigerian fabrics.

She’s surely an inspirational woman and has truly won her spot on our wall of fame.

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