Interesting Information: Five ways Egg shells can give you perfect glowing skin.

Five Ways to get an amazing glow

After reading this you will never throw away eggshells again. Egg shells are a great source of calcium. They have great qualities that are perfect for your body and health care. These are some of the ways that you can use egg shells on your skin to pamper it.

Beautiful glowing skin

Instead of disposing of your egg shells after use, dry the shells under the sun and grind it to a fine, soft texture. Mix it with your powder and apply on your skin. You can also add a little vinegar and apply on your skin for better results.

Beauty Benefits of Egg Mask

You can add a little water and sugar to the mixture with aloe vera and use as a face mask. Rinse after about 30 minutes. Your skin will be softer and fresher than ever.

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Cure Infections:

Take a few eggshells and crush them well. Now, add this powder to a cup of apple cider vinegar and allow it to stay soaked for a few hours. Apply this mixture over your cuts or wounds or even on any kind of skin irritation. The mixture will heal the cut in a few minutes.

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To clear blackheads:

Add three tablespoons of egg shell powder to one tablespoon of honey. Mix the content and then apply it over your blemishes and marks. Do this regularly and within one week your skin will be free from blackheads.

Whiter Teeth 

Adding finely crushed egg shells to your paste as you brush will also help make your teeth whiter.

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