The super successful career woman’s cross

Portrait of an afro-american young woman using laptop at home indoor


First of all you were not born on independence day, you weren’t even born in October and your favourite colour is definitely not green. You have learnt to take care of yourself and you have been doing so for a very long time. ‘Men are liars, men cheat, and all they do is break your heart’, you chant to everyone that comes your way.

You put your chin up in the air and walk like the world is at your feet and the world really is at your feet. You own an exotic car, live in a nice apartment in the high profile area of the town. You have risen to a top management position in your company and people literally bow at your feet when you walk by. You can afford to shop in the most expensive places and you have visited almost all the most beautiful cities in the world. But it doesn’t stop you from hugging your pillow at night, wishing you could find love. You walk in your million dollar shoes and still feel like you are going nowhere. You drive around town in your latest car and still wish you could drive off the bridge and just end it all.

Hey, miss independent, when will you get off your high horse and admit you have a problem? When will you learn that there are some things you  just can’t handle alone? When will you accept that loving someone and being loved back makes life more beautiful? When will you learn that all the money in the world can’t buy you happiness. When will you learn to open your heart to others, daring them to hurt you in the process, knowing that love is a risk and that it takes a challenge to prove success? When will you allow your heart to flow with love, a function for which it was created? Hey, miss independent, change now before it is too late.

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