My Take on Chimamanda vs Hilary Clinton Feminist Debate

She said to a woman who is arguably the most formidable female politician in the world that she was a “little upset” about her decision to add “wife” first before all the other words that were used to define her on her Twitter handle and asked if it was her decision or if it was politically motivated. The former Presidential aspirant said it was her decision and raised no further issues on this. Nigerians on the other hand wouldn’t let it slide and both men and women have had conflicting debates on this issue making it larger than life.


I had previously refrained from commenting on it but when I read Funnybone’s tweet about understanding Feminism better after meeting Chimamanda I knew I just had to give my own take.

First, I believe that a lot of Nigerian’s misunderstand feminism. Men get jittery about it because they believe it means that they will lose respect from women; most women on the other hand believe it means that they should vehemently demand for “some perceived” rights. As a result they are aggravating the loss of the already terse cord holding the fabrics of the society.


True feminism simply says that both men and women should be given equal access to opportunities and treated with dignity and respect even as the Constitution provides for Fundamental Human Rights without specifying any gender. It transcends ethnic, cultural and religious beliefs. We will get it right when we start viewing each other first as human beings who have inalienable rights before we start checking if it is a male or female. That means that no gender should be given undue advantage because of biological features just as ethnicity, racism and religion should not be determinant factors for any sort of consideration.

That said, I truly believe that Hilary may have used “wife” first in her bio for political reasons.


What do you think?

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