Online Dating: What’s the Big Deal?

That we are existing in the age where people work, interact, do business, buy things and virtually live online is not news. Right now if your business is not online or your profile is not on any social media site some people will consider you as not being in tune with social realities and perhaps a recluse or an antisocial person. Due to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives in urban settings, our opportunities for meeting the right one seems limited. A banker who leaves for work by 5:30 in the morning and doesn’t return home till 9pm will tell you she practically has no time to meet any man so the easiest way to keep up is to try online dating right? Some people will tell you that they can never be caught dead on online dating sites like it’s beneath them. So what’s the big deal with online dating? Is it really bad? What are the Pros and Cons?


You can check the profile before you meet:

Most dating sites give opportunities for their subscribers to write a short bio of themselves. From a person’s bio you can tell whether he’s someone you’d want to meet or not. Also it affords you the opportunity to see the face of the kind of man you like.

Getting to know him first: 

When you meet someone you like online you can chat with him through any of the social media platforms like whatsapp, flash messenger, skype or even exchange phone numbers and get to know each other. By chatting with him you get to know his likes and dislikes, interests, hobbies, career, aspirations etc.

You have the opportunity to make up your mind or change it:

It is easier to make up your mind to end or build a strong relationship when you interact online. After all you still have plenty choices.


Online dating is basically a great opportunity for people who find it difficult to interact with or meet people due to their introvert natures or busy life styles or simply because it’s an available platform to meet someone.

Opportunity to choose from a wide range of options

Because there are so many people whose profiles are online it is actually easy to search for and find a larger number of people you would like to meet than the normal people you meet in the course of your daily activities.



You could be dating a potential criminal:

Sorry but online dating could also be dangerous. Some professional criminals now use attractive profiles to entice unsuspecting victims and lure them to their doom. We hear on the news about ladies who met men online and joined them to locations where they were either robbed, kidnapped, raped or even murdered. So you’ve got to be careful. The key is to only meet in public places and not to meet him alone until you can verify his authenticity.

People aren’t always what they seem. Every one puts his best foot forward:

Yes oh all those photoshopped, airbrushed perfect looking pictures of him might just be pictures he downloaded online or an over-exaggerated representation of himself. What about you? Don’t you only put your best filtered, perfect pimple-less pictures online? So what do you expect? Also no one is going to tell you on his bio that he’s still job hunting or a trader or a scam-artist or that he’s actually 5ft 2inches. He’s only going to tell you the best aspect or even a fabricated story of himself.

Fake realities:

Online dating gives people a wide opportunity for fake realities. For one, you might be chatting with a married man or a man who has no interest in any long term relationship but is leading you on because he’s bored and enjoys the distraction. Also the cars, nice office, blings and expensive stuff he posts online could be borrowed or made up. You could be setting yourself up for a potential heartbreak when you realize that he’s not all he seemed online.

The creepy fact that you may not be the only one:

Sorry to burst your bubble but the day you put your profile online a thousand other people also added theirs. In effect, the guy you’re falling in love with online might also be chatting with several other girls.

It always seems like a sign of desperation:

Some people will tell you that they would never be caught dead putting their profiles on dating sites because it could seem like they are desperate to get married.

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