How I cured my Shopping Fever

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It was that time of the year again, you know, that time for thorough house clean-up. The night before, I had eaten a double helping in preparation for the hard work I was going to engage in the next morning. My work tools were all lined up and my music player was blaring Sinach’s album (sorry neighbours…I know it may have been a tad too loud but…you know now*sheepish grin*). So anyway, I did a thorough sweeping of the rooms, lifting everything I could lift and then I got to the mopping part.

Afterwards, I started arranging things in my rooms. I took time to clean out my wardrobe and fold only the things I felt were still useful to me. One after the other, I flung out old clothes, shoes, bags, empty cosmetic containers, empty perfume bottles (please don’t ask me why I keep empty perfume bottles) and other stuff that I couldn’t remember what they were for, anyway.

I took time to look at some of the dresses I was discarding. That was when it struck me. There was the bright yellow dress I loved so much. I could remember seeing it online here. I can still remember how many sleepless nights I had when I saw the price tag and knew that I couldn’t afford it. I still hear myself praying to God earnestly, that no one else should buy it until I finally put the money together and bought it. Oh my God! It was a perfect fit and I loved it so much. Then there was the lovely black sequined cropped jacket amongst the heap of clothes I wanted to discard. I could remember almost fighting with my sister when I discovered that she also had an interest in it. We had gone shopping together and frankly, I can’t remember who saw it first. On and on the list goes. Was it the cute stiletto heeled shoes that it’s heel had come off shortly after I bought it or the red tote bag I had loved so much? Some of them were either no longer in vogue or spoiled or too old for use.


I heaved a sigh as I sat staring at my (once) lovely things. I could remember how much I had longed for some of them before they became mine, like the yellow dress and all I could think about was, ‘more more more and more’…lol. I started to feel like the leech in the book of Proverbs. Prov 30: 15-16.


You need to read it for yourself and laugh along with me. I wish I wouldn’t get so worked up about the things I want and just be content with what I have. Contentment seems to be something that constantly eludes we humans. The more we acquire, the more our needs increase. I can remember thinking that if I could earn more money then perhaps I’ll be able to meet all my needs….lol is it possible? When my earnings increased, my needs or should I say wants also increased. I finally came up with a solution. Since I’m not going to be able to stop wanting more, maybe I could try to give others too. So every time I over-shop I try to give out part of my earnings too. that way I ensure that I am not over indulging my selfish desires. I wish I could turn a blind eye to some of the beautiful things that beckon to me from shop displays as I walk on by. Maybe one day I will but until then… I can’t wait to do my next shopping **winks*.



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  1. Loved this (but couldn’t find the “Love It” button).

    I struggled with this for years. After my mom moved to heaven, though, I started really thinking about the place – in fact, the Lord and I began to “decorate.” Whenever there was something I thought I *had* to have at the store, I would consider the cost, imagine what it would look like at the local landfill in a few years, then say, “Lord, how ’bout You put this in my home there…and we’ll use the money I would have spent to further Your Kingdom instead?” That helps me to remember what’s important, and keeps “stuff” in perspective. 🙂

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