Smart ways of promoting your business on Instagram

How to use Instagram to grow your business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms esp for people who prefer to look at pictures
It’s actually more popular for younger people and there’s a higher number of female than male users 👥
Originally built as a picture sharing app, many people have found clever ways of making money through it.
Pictures and videos easily capture people’s attention
It makes sense to share your photos and make money at the same time.
So how are people doing it?
You can turn your hobby/ passion into earnings with the help of Instagram.
There are a few steps that you need to follow to build up your base and then actually get started with some business in real sense.
Fill out you Bio with appropriate information.

Summarize your interests in simple, clear format. For instance Patricia – @patrinutri – nutritionist | party planner | caterer
You can grow organic followers by adding your email or facebook contacts and posting regular important information about your business
Connect with your followers by responding to their messages and also commenting actively on other people’s msgs
Use relevant hash tags #
For instance a caterer should use #foodist or #chefchi (cos it’s trending right now)
Put your best foot forward. Post your best works.

Showcase your product on the app, and start selling it. From clothes, to shoes, to bags, to jewelry, people sell anything and everything.
But I don’t believe it’s smart to just flood instagram with all the bags and shoes in your shop. People will just admire, like and pass. Some might buy but it is more effective to engage your customers and give them an experience they won’t forget easily
Or give them an insight into your life as an online boutique owner. People respond more to experiences that sound real
What if you talk about a funny experience that occurred in the process of getting the goods? The important thing is to be more human. It is easier to make friends when you share an experience

Photography: If you love photography and have a upper hand at it, you can sell them as well. Capture and upload. You can also take photography orders! Pre wedding shoots, weddings shoots, maternity shoots are trending.

Affiliate Marketing: Promote a product and get paid for sale-Affiliate marketing is all about this. Highlight and promote a brand or their product on your page, mention the URL in the captions, highlight the features and get going.

I don’t know how many people have opened up affiliate accounts with Jumia and Konga since I mentioned it

Promote your Business: If you run a business, then Instagram should be one of the integral marketing platforms for promoting your business. If you are selling products, capture beautiful shots and post them on your page

I like this lady’s style. An old school friend. You can’t see this and not become hungry immediately

Then she highlights the making process
It’s like you feel and experience the whole process of making it 😋Sorry she’s a Nigerian in Australia so stop salivating you can’t get to eat it 😁

Another very important strategy is to do giveaways. People love freebies and will be excited to win something. So your strategy is to do a mini competition or game and attach a gift from your business to it

Don’t worry about distance. There are many affordable delivery companies. The one I use for my business takes just 1k for outside jobs and N500 within town

No matter your line of business you can make great sales through instagram
If you’re a doctor then start posting free brief medical info. You will see people contacting you for your services
Pharmacist you can give info about drugs and combination. Real estate agents you tell people what to look out for when choosing a house. Just keep giving out brief info.
People will consider you an authority and either engage your services or refer others to you.
There is immense opportunity to explore, learn and do business through Instagram. It’s on you to tap your potential and make the most through this tool.


All the best! Happy Instgraming!

Please drop your comments. I’d love to hear your views.

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