Super Moms – Keys to Successful Multitasking

Women have been known to be better at multitasking than men. A woman, especially a married woman’s life is about multitasking. Whether she is an uneducated woman in the village or an upwardly mobile woman in the city, a woman can never really escape the life of multitasking. It is a woman who has to bathe and prepare the children for school, keep the house tidy, prepare food for the family and sometimes still go to work where she will spend 9 working hours before returning home to continue her wifely duties. By the time she is ready to turn in for the night she is exhausted and drained yet she still has some action to perform and is not expected to complain. Feeling overwhelmed? Well, here are some keys from super moms on how to multitask successfully.

Make a list of the activities you need to tackle before you sleep

One of the most important rules of multitasking is to plan ahead. It is better to write a list of all the activities you need to tackle before you sleep at night. That way you won’t forget anything of importance or mix up activities.

Wake up early

One of the things that struck me about the virtuous woman in proverbs 31 is the fact that she “rises while it is yet night and gives meat to her household and her maidens.” If you make a habit of waking up early then you will find yourself able to tackle your activities for the day efficiently.

Solicit for help and delegate duties

You can’t do it all by yourself. Get help! It is erroneous to think that to be a super mom you have to do everything by yourself. That is a recipe for breaking down and you may not be as efficient as you want. Think about hiring a cleaner or nanny. Delegate duties and supervise her work. If hubby is not adverse to helping out with domestic duties then nicely solicit for his help every now and then otherwise just hire someone to do general tasks while you take care of more personal activities by yourself. Even the virtuous woman mentioned above had maidens (alias house-helps) so there is nothing wrong with it.

Learn to buy and cook in bulk

This one is a very important tip for every woman. Set aside a day in a month to make bulk purchases preferably in a market where you can buy at a cheaper rate. Stock up your store and cook major dishes like soups and stews, package them in plastic containers and store in a functional freezer. With the poor electricity in Nigeria it is also advise able to own a good generator that can comfortably power the freezer.

Invest in labour saving devices

Labour saving devices are a woman’s best friend! Buy a blender so you don’t have to use a motar to grind things, get a microwave so that warming food stored in the freezer will be easier, yam pounding machine so that you don’t have to expend all your energy pounding yam, mixer so that you can bake with ease and so many more devices.

Relax! Give yourself a pat on the back and a treat once in a while

Learn to relax and give yourself a pat on the back once in a while. Even though you may be doing a thankless job (they are probably thanking you in their minds) and you don’t always feel appreciated you should learn to appreciate yourself. It is not easy. Please enter one ice cream palour on your way back from the market, buy yourself any flavour that makes you happy, sit down and enjoy yourself. Think about no one else but yourself. You are permitted to be selfish for that moment. Oya start rushing back home! Your wifely duties continue.



Further reading: Proverbs 31



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