Ten spunky steps to getting hitched this year

Jazz up your style!

To get hitched you have to present yourself as the best option for any man who is looking. That means you have to be the most beautiful, attractive and fascinating lady in his sight. How do you do that? First you have to get rid of your old garbs and re-brand yourself. I call it jazzing up your style.

Get a new hairstyle. Please save up money and buy a fantastic weave on. Get a very good stylist to make your hair and make sure you get value for your money.

Next, you will have to tush up your make up ability. Please enrol in a makeup class and learn how to do classy make up or u can download a makeup app on google play store.

The next thing is your dressing. Spend good money changing your wardrobe. Check for trending styles online or find a celebrity whose style you like and start wearing similar stuff. You don’t need to break the bank for this.

Fake it till you make it. So you’re worried that your bum bum is not big enough or you don’t have the kind of figure you would like. Don’t worry, just go and buy a good body shaper and fake it till you make it. That’s right! The right body shapers will help you get the kind of shape you want after a while

Learn to take stunning pics using filters. You wouldn’t want your makeover to go to waste without people seeing and admiring you, right. So start taking cute pics with your smart phone and use the right filters that will leave you looking like a smoking hot chic. Learn to pout in pics and pose like a slay queen.

Become more active on social media. After you’ve gotten great pictures of your new rebranded self, start posting your pictures on Facebook, Instagram and twitter and make sure you use funky hash tags.

Increase your visibility. To get hitched this year you will need to increase your visibility. Stop this your triangular lifestyle and start attending social events and parties. If you’re a church girl then consider joining the ushering department so that people can see and admire you. You can also take it a step further by giving testimonies in church so that people can see the new improved you **winks*.

Send out word to relatives that you’re available for matchmaking. There’s no shame in your game. Let your aunties and relatives know that you are available for matchmaking although you still have to vet and select the one you would like to give a chance.

Become more accessible. Some girls don’t know that the reason why they are still single is because they are inaccessible and unapproachable. You may need to relax your principles a bit. I didn’t say drop your principle but make yourself easier for a guy to walk up to and say hi. Smile a bit more, batt your eyelashes at a guy you like and be more friendly if he walks up to you. You don’t have to drop your hard-to-get principle but just stop making yourself too-hard-to-get.

Take time to relax. Finally relax, relax, relax! Life is too short for you to be uptight all the time. A man likes to know that you’re going to make his life more exciting and lighten his mood on his difficult days. Your being so uptight is more like a turn off.

So girl, jazz up your style and turn up your inner nymph. You’re so getting hitched this year.

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