This may be the reason you can’t sleep at night when you are in love.

Can love make someone unable to sleep at night? Love is the greatest feeling that anyone can have. It can turn the hardest heart to mush, take any man to the greatest height, bring a city to ruins (ask Helen of Troy), make or mar you.

Can love make someone unable to sleep at night? Well, it is true that love is a consuming feeling and might leave you tingling or having butterflies in your stomach. You might even stay up at night thinking about the one you love sometimes.

If however, you find yourself always awake at night because you are in love then you need to really re-evaluate and question that feeling if it is love, lust or a medical condition. Love feels good but should not be suffocating. If you’re having insomnia because of love then maybe it is a good indication that there is something wrong with that relationship.

Ask married couples. They don’t stay awake at night just because they are consumed with love for the other spouse and it is in marriage you find the deepest form of love.

So if you are having sleepless nights because you are in love then my dear you need spiritual, psychological or medical help.

What’s your take on this.

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