You might be in a dysfunctional relationship. This is how to know.

A relationship can be a beautiful thing but for some people it is a nightmare. They suspect that there’s something not quite normal about their relationship yet they may be unable to pinpoint exactly what it is?  It might simply be a dysfunctional relationship.

A dysfunctional relationship is one in which one of the partners constantly exhibits certain behaviours that causes the other partner pain and yet blames the victim. Such a partner might have to deal with feelings of low self worth, anger, bitterness and emotional pain.

There are ways to determine whether or not your relationship is dysfunctional. They are:

He isolates you from friends and family: If you’re in a dysfunctional relationship then it is very likely your partner isolates you from your family and friends so that you will be completely under his mercy.

He uses sarcasm or humiliation: A dysfunctional partner is very likely to use sarcastic words to put you down and keeps humilliating you in front of others while claiming to love you. A man who really loves you will protect your feelings.

He withholds vital information from you: In a dysfunctional relationship your partner is very likely to withhold vital information from you without any compunction.

He calls constantly to know where you are? It may sound like he’s so caring at first but with time if this continues too often then know he’s seriously keeping tabs on you. That means that your relationship might be a dysfunctional one.

Controlling behaviour: A dysfunctional relationship is often one where a partner always tries to control the other. It could either be the male or the female.

When it comes to assessing the health of your relationship, your feelings are the major checklist you need. If you realize that you are in a dysfunctional relationship then you need to start taking steps to change the dynamics of your relationship.


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