You are not ready for marriage

16th November 2016 Femmetotale 17

A single lady who was down and out on her luck went to a fortune teller, hoping to find a reason to continue living. The fortune teller found something positive  in her future and told […]

My Sweet Tooth

14th November 2016 Femmetotale 10

I have a sweet tooth. I’m so addicted to sweet things that I’ve contemplated adding sugar to my cooking a good number of times. Lol. There’s just something richly pleasurable about eating something sweet. It […]

Olivia Wants Some More

14th November 2016 Femmetotale 9

Part of the defining and inspirational moments of my childhood were the days I got to read books that were literally bigger than me. I was inspired with each page I turned, each word I […]

Foods to avoid before you travel

4th November 2016 Femmetotale 0

Carbonated Drinks Carbonated beverages, like soda and beer can cause flatulence, gastric problems and also give mouth odour. The carbonation might also cause you to belch or get heartburn. Picture the bubbles you’re swallowing as […]