5 Things you should never give up just to make a Relationship Work


Relationships are all about compromises and to make your relationship work you will constantly find yourself giving up certain habits, beliefs and attachments. Love itself is most expressed in sacrifice and giving but the thing about love is that it doesn’t cancel out the way the person treats you. If you find yourself giving up too much or beyond certain reasonable limits then that should be a red flag that your relationship may not be healthy.

Let’s explore 5 things you should never give up just to make your relationship work.

  1. Your purpose, dreams, ambition:

If you are one of those rare people who discovered their purpose in life on time and have a great sense of purpose then your relationship goal should be to find someone who believes in and can complement your purpose in life. If your relationship is making you drop your purpose, dreams and ambition then maybe you should give up that relationship. You will never feel fulfilled in life if you don’t achieve your purpose.

  1. Your Education:

Your relationship should never make you feel like you have to drop your education or plans to further your education. I know a girl who dropped her admission in a University to join her boyfriend for a Diploma in another University where he was admitted just so that they could be together. If that girl is your sister what would you say to her? The worst part is that the boyfriend eventually left her after some time.

  1. Your Family:

Your family is your support system and you should never drop them for any relationship to work. Of course with the exception of if your family is a highly dysfunctional one in which you’re better off with your relationship. When you have issues with your partner you can always run back to them. Don’t let any relationship keep you away from them.

  1. Your Friendships:

If you have good friends that make you happy then you should keep them and not let any relationship keep you from relating with them. You’re not going to be with your partner all the time so why drop your friends because of a relationship?

  1. Your Spirituality:

If your partner is one who keeps making you drop your level of spirituality either by making you have a different view on it, or outrightly stopping you from going to church then you need to re-evaluate that relationship. Your spirituality is something you should never trade for anything.

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