Find out about health issues women face each day and how to avoid them.

Easy bites to stay Fit

30th April 2018 Femmetotale 0

For the femmetotales a great diet is the way to stay fit. One of the fastest ways to calm your hunger and sugar cravings is by eating protein. Protein is great for keeping you satisfied […]

How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

24th April 2018 Femmetotale 1

Every woman wants to look pretty and be admired. Makeup helps you achieve that but the truth is that not everyone wants to wear makeup all the time. All those heavy foundations, powder, concealers, lipsticks […]

Simple Ways To Get Beautiful Skin

9th April 2017 Femmetotale 0

Every woman knows the importance of healthy looking skin. The vision of a lady with smooth, silky, gleaming, radiating skin devoid of pimples, blemishes and warts is one that can linger in your memory for […]

Foods to avoid before you travel

4th November 2016 Femmetotale 0

Carbonated Drinks Carbonated beverages, like soda and beer can cause flatulence, gastric problems and also give mouth odour. The carbonation might also cause you to belch or get heartburn. Picture the bubbles you’re swallowing as […]