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Stop Chasing Shadows

6th June 2018 Femmetotale 0

Nothing could have prepared us for the encounter we had that day. We were already late for an appointment so we were rushing. The car suddenly halted at an intersection so we were forced to […]

Is Your Best Friend Your Worst Enemy

18th May 2017 Femmetotale 0

If you’re a young woman in the 21st century then you must be familiar with most of the cool buzzwords. You all probably know about words like; selfie, famzing, photobombing, trolling, frienemy, etc. They change […]

Something to love

16th May 2017 Femmetotale 0

They say men love toys and they never get over their love for toys no matter what age they are. I mean, girls love to play with dolls but that’s just cos of their natural […]

Please lie to me

11th May 2017 Femmetotale 0

It is so easy to say, tell me the truth but…really? Is it the truth you want to hear or the garnished lie? Do you really want to hear that you’re not the beauty queen […]

We Don’t Fear Their Fears

2nd May 2017 Femmetotale 19

  In the world of media, there’s a popular phrase that says, ‘there’s no news like bad news!’ The easiest way to get people to read newspapers or watch news channels is to circulate bad […]

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