Chronicles of a HR Executive. What you need to know before you attend that interview.

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Having worked in HR for a number of years I feel like I should drop a few nuggets for someone who will be called for an interview soon and hopes to ace it. So here goes…

Nugget 1: Be confident but not over-confident.

So a few years ago, I was asked to interview a couple of people for a junior position. One tall and lanky young man came in bursting with so much confidence. Good morning Sir, I said. Please have a seat. He sat down without acknowledging or returning my greeting.

I asked him about his qualifications. He had only SSCE which was ok for the position. When I asked about his job experience that was when the goof up started. He said he had been an usher in his church (this would have been considered an advantage but for the way he said it) and that his Pastors told him to come to our organization that the job would be given to him. He sounded so aggressive. I told him to tone down. His response was “why… this is how my voice is”
I was irritated.

I really felt like advising him but his demeanour showed he wasn’t interested in any advice. Worst part is that he actually attends the same church as me, a popular church but I won’t mention the name.

Folks, confidence is not the same as aggressiveness. That young man’s attitude cost him the job. The Pastors do a good job of instilling confidence in us by telling us about our heritage in Christ but please don’t misunderstand or misuse it. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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