How to generate alternative streams of income

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with a man I met in an office. I was there to process some documents for a project I’m about to kick of. He told me about how he reached his moment of self realization after attending a seminar. The speaker had brought out 5 complimentary cards and told them that those 5 cards all belong to different businesses he is into. You cannot become rich by depending on only one income. You should have at least 3 other sources bringing in money for you. So supposing you get at least 100k from each of those businesses per month then that means you will have extra 300k to supplement your income. Since that day he has registered 3 companies offering different services and is in the process of registering the 4th.

That was how he gave me info on how he’s getting extra income while sitting in his office.

My eyes of understanding were opened and my entrepreneurial mindset rekindled. If you are not interested in making extra money then that’s up to you but if you really want to know how to then use this link to download my free e-book. Click here. 

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