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  • Nothing could have prepared us for the encounter we had that day. We were already late for an appointment so we were rushing. The car suddenly halted at an intersection so we were forced to pack at the side of the road as my husband checked to know what the problem was.

That was when we saw her. She came down from a taxi and just stood on the road looking confused. Then she approached my husband and asked if he could tell her where she was. He told her that she was on airport road and asked her where she was going to. She was in tears as said she didn’t know. She asked for some water. Luckily there was a bottle of water in the car so we gave it to her. She drank some of the water and poured some of it on her head. She was practically shaking like a leaf under hamarttan wind.

She told us that she got into Abuja from her school in Kogi the day before with two of her friends to meet up with some guys for the weekend. They had gone clubbing and ended up in the guys’ house later that night. She was reluctant to tell us exactly what happened but all we could get from her was that she had escaped but hadn’t heard from her friends since that time. She had entered a taxi and when she couldn’t tell the taxi man where she was going to, he stopped her on the road and told her to get down.

Well, long story short we asked if she knew anyone in Abuja and offered to help drop her somewhere that would be easy for her to find a relative. She said we should just give her some money for a taxi and she would find her way. We gave her some money and I asked for her contact. She gave me her number and hurried away.

Anyway, we realized that the stoppage was because we didn’t put water in the car that morning. We did so and turned back home. We were already 45 minutes late.

I called the number three hours later. It rang for a while and then stopped. That number never went through again. I kept pondering on that encounter. Could she have gotten into more trouble, was it a scam, was she really a student, did she purposely choose to end all further contact with us in order not to be judged?

I remember this incident because I was in a taxi recently and the driver was talking about something similar that happened to a girl that came into Abuja to see a guy she met online for the weekend. He said by the time he went back to pick the girl that she was so weak she could hardly talk.

Girls really need to be more careful these days and stop chasing shadows. I mean, who needs runs money when there are so many things you can do online to make extra money?

Start with what you have!!! Discover your talent, passion or interest and build on it. If you don’t know what to do then hola at me let me give you pointers. Drop a comment saying that you are interested or send an email to I’m always happy to help. Hearing the success stories of people I coached makes my day.

What’s your theory on what really happened that day?


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