Why do men become more attractive once they get married

I asked this question on a wider forum and the response really amazed me. This was an issue I raised while having a conversation with my sister after church one day years ago. I asked her if she had observed that the most attractive and responsible looking men are usually the married ones.

I have also noticed that once a man gets married or even gets engaged to a girl he suddenly becomes more attractive to other girls including the ones he toasted before and they rejected him. Why is it so? Is it that girls are naturally more attracted to married men because they seem to be more serious. Is it that girls just like competition with other girls or are married men more handsome than single guys? Could it also because married men seem to be richer than the single guys?

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This is important because there are a lot of men who never planned to be adulterous but can’t handle the kind of attention they get from single girls after they get married.

What do you think might be the reason for that?

I would like to hear your opinion.



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