WHY you should keep doing what you know even if it is not yielding results

Young business executive using laptop

A little dose of inspiration for you. Just keep doing what you know even if it doesn’t seem to be yielding results as long as you are passionate about it and believe in what you are doing. One day, your efforts will pay off and you will find yourself standing before Kings. Have you seen a man who is diligent in his business? He will stand before Kings and not mean men.


Even the forces of the universe will give way to you when you refuse to give up. Water on its own would seem to have not much effect on stone. It cannot penetrate it or push it away from its position but if the water keeps pushing itself against the stone, refusing to give up, refusing the accept the status quo and refusing to bow to its mocking pressure, one day the water will successfully either erode the stone or shift it out of its position.


LESSON: If you keep on doing one thing and do it long enough, one day you will become a pro in it and move all the forces that try to keep you from succeeding.



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